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For the on island live-action production we teamed up with Emma and the team at Flynn Productions. With one fixed camera-move, we quickly needed to confirm our 6 island locations in close proximity and plan a shooting schedule that would allow for lighting continuity in the shots.  Focus soon switched to the seamless integration between the live-action plates and the CGI camera. The timing of the camera paths, the distances travelled, the speeds, the voice over and the terrain information conveyed, were important to nail down as early as possible due to timing constraints. At this point, along with reference photography captured from the location scouting, the CGI team back in London had already started building the complete island. Modelling from reference imagery and some purchased material, billions of polys were used to create this digital Bermuda. Meanwhile the production team prepared for the tight 2 day live-action shoot. Capturing 6 locations whilst trying to work with consistent lighting, was made difficult when the weather turned and we faced a mid-atlantic storm- unheard of in the last 15 years! came through.” Desmond Hall, Executive Creative Director, GlobalHue, Detroit.